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Academic Writing Program

Offering convenient, effective instructional materials

and writing feedback services.


Express AWP workbooks contain original exercises designed to teach students a systematic approach to writing more effectively, whether it is for short answer questions or long free response essays.


Workbooks feature detailed answer keys that explain not just the answers to questions, but the logic behind them. This allows students to learn the lessons behind the exercises.  

PRactice Questions

Every lesson ends with six writing prompts that test the student on the concepts they have learned in the exercises. These prompts are designed to encourage creative thinking, and require no outside knowledge to answer. 


Students can submit their practice essays at and receive detailed feedback and notes from an experienced writing instructor. These notes focus on how well the student applied the concepts in the lesson and provide tips for improving in the future.

The Express System

Step 1: Take the Diagnostic

Take the Express diagnostic assessment here. The student's score on the diagnostic determines which level of Express workbooks to start at.

Step 2: Purchase Products

Purchase either Fundamentals or Advanced workbooks from the store. If you want feedback services, you can also purchase them here. Make sure to apply any promo code you have at checkout! Upon purchase, you will receive your download and a confirmation email. 

Step 3: Use the Workbook

Every Express AWP lesson is designed to be completed in 1 week. Answer keys contain detailed explanations for all exercises, and every lesson contains writing prompts that test what was learned in the lesson. 

Step 4: Submit Essays

Workbook and Feedback


About Express

Academic writing can be challenging, and improving your skills is often time-consuming and difficult to schedule. Express combines the convenience of self-contained workbook exercises with the personalized attention provided by a writing tutor who has ten years of experience teaching and designing ELA curriculum for all levels of middle and high school students. Work when and where you want to, and only pay for what you need. It is possible to get better at writing; you just need a system, and that's exactly what Express Academic Writing Program provides. 

Adult Students

Get in Touch

Any questions or comments about Express AWP? Just send us a message and we will reply to you via email. 

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